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Swimming Pool Boiler Installations

With the summer months comes dreams of holidays, warmer weather and swimming pools providing welcome relief from the heat of the sun. But, with the not so warm weather we’ve been having in the UK this summer, swimming pool boilers can help make the water that little bit warmer, especially on the colder days, when.. Continue Reading

common boiler problems

9 Most Common Boiler Problems

Boiler breakdowns are a problem we could all do without. No one likes to be left with no heating or hot water, especially during the colder months, which, in the most annoying way, is the time when they’re most likely to go wrong. In the balmy summer time, the heating doesn’t even get switched on.. Continue Reading

Do you need a new boiler?

In need of a new boiler?

If you’re on the hunt for boiler installation in Leicester, then at this time of year you aren’t alone. As the colder weather starts to draw in, you may have found yourself switching on the heating already to stave off the chill. But, sometimes after the long hot summer months, people find their boiler doesn’t.. Continue Reading

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